A South African writer born in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape; she has a BCom degree in Information Systems and has spent most of her career navigating the dynamic web of the telecoms corporate world as a proposal manager, a salesperson and a marketer.

When Refiloe was seven years old she got into trouble for forging a signature. Granted a little early for fraudulent activities, the reasons however were arguably sensible.  Her favourite book at the time was “The Secret Garden”.

This is a novel, with 27 chapters.

In the second grade, they were expected to compulsively read the Kathy and Mark series in the company of their parents; who then had to sign off that said reading had happened.  Since Refiloe was too busy reading The Secret Garden, she never quite got to reading Kathy and Mark.

While her reading may have been ahead, the general suspicion is that the size of her writing may not have been. And hence she got caught. Her love for books and reading (and the trouble it ensued) has never wavered since!

​She always dreamt of one day telling stories, and mostly did…in her head. After an assignment to Mumbai, India she finally decided to pursue her passion for writing and dedicated her time doing just that (for the most part).

Refiloe is based in Johannesburg, and is passionate about writing stories that bring out the best in the human spirit; stories where children and the inner child in adults can identify and celebrate themselves.